How PERCEPTIONS Influence Voters?

How often, have you thought, some matter, made little sense, and why, couldn’t political leaders, exhibit far more, relevant, common sense? Why do so few voters, totally examine, potential candidates, not simply, based on their rhetoric, and promises, but rather on, their abilities,. quality of character, level of their strategy, and the basis components of their proposed, action planning, including, how something might be enacted, and funder, in a responsible, realistic way? Unfortunately, in the vast number of instances, American voters, make their decisions, based on their personal PERCEPTIONS, rather than on, how that individual, might serve and represent our nations, and constituents! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Personal priorities; prejudices; preference: Often, individuals vote, based on their personal priorities, and/ or, prejudices, rather than, on the best interests of our nation, and the world! One should make their preference, voting for an individual, with a compelling future, and a desire to make a true difference, for the better, with a well – considered, plan, to do so!

2. Emphasis; expectations: Often, candidates make promises, and raise the voters’ expectations, in a false way! We need leaders, whose emphasis, is on bringing Americans together, for the greater good!

3. Rhetoric; relevant; reality; reasoning: Instead of voting, based on empty rhetoric, we should seek, leaders, who address relevant needs, goals, and priorities, based on reality! Demand, they explain their reasoning, and how, it will make us better!

4. Character: A leopard can’t change his spots. Therefore, closely examine, and consider, the quality of someone’s character, and how, it might impact, how he leads the nation!

5. Excellence; enduring: Instead of focusing on the past, and accepting, good – enough, seek someone, who demands his utmost degree of personal excellence! Leading must be enduring, because many issues, such as the environment, Climate Change, etc, are top priorities!

6. Planning; production: What good is any idea, if one doesn’t deliver, a system, and productive solution? This requires a meaningful, effective, well – considered, planner, who is efficient, at strategic and action planning, etc.

7. Truth; trust: If an elected official, doesn’t tell the truth, he is a liar, and doesn’t deserve, and can’t earn, the trust of his constituents!

8. Integrity; ideology; ideas; ideology; imagination; innovate: There’s no substitute for absolute integrity! A leader’s ideology must center – upon, serving and representing others, consistently! He must convey quality ideas, which align with the core ideology, of our nation, and Constitution! This also requires, having the imagination, to innovate, when needed, to achieve essential priorities!

9. Options; opportunities; organized: Instead of remaining within the restraints of a comfort zone, we are better served, when we elect, people, who consider, the finest, most viable options and solutions! He must create his own opportunities, and proceed, in an organized way, to be more efficient and effective!

10. Naive; needs: It’s naive to believe, everything, a politician promises. Rather, seek someone, who focuses on the needs, goals, and priorities, which might make a real difference!

11. Solutions; self; service; strengths; system: Avoid anyone, who seeks to serve himself, and his self – interest, and seek individuals, with solutions, emphasizing service, and making us stronger! Don’t accept promises, but, rather, examine the quality of their system!

Don’t vote based on emotions, or PERCEPTIONS, but look at the plans, and impacts! Are you ready to be a more responsible, responsive voter?

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